Response to Reproductive Justice – Black Women Not Afraid and uplifting Black Disabled Woman Doing Inclusive RJ right!

In response to the horrific Alabama abortion law passed I posted on both my IG  and Twitter accounts – @NJDC07: This is my reply to those White men in #AL who created and passed that horrific #abortionlaw #BlackWomen have never been afraid of you! #BlackWomenRadicals #MyBodymychoice #CollectiveLiberation #roevwade #prochoice #ourbodiesourchoice #Befarwarned

With images of Black women standing strong against White police authority.

The first image is of a Black woman standing strong and pushing the rifle of a White National Guardsman out of her way (I love how the Black men are standing strong behind her – she does not need them but they are there) sent to her town in 1963 – the woman is Gloria Richardson. Please see my second posts with an explanation of who this phenomenal courageous Black Woman is – as she remains a staunch and prolific civil rights activist and change maker here in the DMV at 97 yrs of age! She just celebrated that milestone on May 6th– there is something about us Taurus women –YASSS!

This caused some to respond to my posts with explanations and creating cause for why this was done in AL. In those responses they also tagged Planned Parenthood (@PPFA and @PPact) in support of what they were sending me. I quickly let these disabled activist know that in no way do I or should they be supporting PPFA when that organization does not follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), other disability laws and has little respect for disabled people in the Reproductive Justice space. PPFA has little to no accessible services programmatically, clinically or physical building and they don’t hire people with visible disabilities to work in their clinics. This is not all of the facilities but it is a majority of the ones we have surveyed around the country. Yes we have had conversations with PPFA – few and far between so they were and are meaningless for creating change or becoming a different entity – one that provides inclusive reproductive services for all.

I was then asked who does this work well and how can I make a donation to them by @jzimbabwe – and I replied with: Laurie Betram Roberts @smartstatistic my sister in this work! I have known Laurie for a few years and we bonded IMMEDIATELY and have been fighting the good fight every since. She is one of the amazing RJ activists featured in tonight’s “United Shades of America” on @CNN hosted by W. Kamau Bell @wkamaubell at 10pm ET!

Laurie posted her recommendations – here are some Reproductive Justice organizations who embrace disability and actually create space to service this community – female, male and LGBTQIA disabled people are welcomed and have the accessible services needed for care! Please add them to your list of RJ organizations in your conversation about this work and in funding!

We need more @jzimbabwe – who asked about how they could help fund these inclusive organizations! Collective Liberation at work!

From Laurie Betram Roberts of Mississippi:

MS Repro Freedom Fund – @FUNDMSabortions  – is the only fund in the nation with an accessible van that is creating an accessible office space that includes adult changing tables and has a visibly disabled ED – that would be my sister the amazing Laurie Bertram Roberts

Three clinics that do a great job at accessibility and constantly strive to be better:

@FWHC – Feminist Women’s Health Center – of Atlanta, GA

@MemphisChoices TN – has a birthing center and midwifery services for diabled

@RJ4KY – is at the forefront of pushing clinics to be accountable to the Deaf community. They have raised the issue of video ASL translation not existing in this work

NNAF Abortion Funds – @Abortionfunds

Please make your donations to these inclusive RJ organizations and tell others to do the same.

In this work I continue to be amazed by “progressives” who tout that they are doing the best work and they are being attacked by the right or conservatives for their bad work. They seem to always forget that they are also being called out from those who sit among them trying to be change makers for ALL, we also have problems and issues with their bad work. If you want to use informative and inclusive language and concepts like Intersectionality and Collective Liberation and say you are working to end oppression, discrimination, disenfranchisement and be abolitionists then you must check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood @PPFA who also has issues around LGBTQIA and race services should not be touted as the example of what “progressives” see as working in the Reproductive Justice space or progressive space for that matter! Because in reality their work is not completely inclusive and does not even come close to dismantling oppression of others. In fact PPFA’s work devalues many disenfranchised communities, by not providing services or including their voice in the fight for those considered “different” and not of the standard.

I continue to talk to people around the country- the world about this: If you are creating programs, policies and laws and you do not have people who are directly impacted by what you are doing or if you have a table full of White people – then what you are creating is WRONG!  Just know this from day one!

Thank you to all the Gloria Richardson’s and Laurie’s out there for my life would not be what it is without you and millions around this world are living better because of you! To all of you who embrace true collective liberation and create spaces for those with lived experiences/directly impacted and Black and Brown people in all you do – THANK YOU!

To the others who are not doing this work like this – DO BETTER or GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!  We’ve got serious work to do!

Make sure to tune in and watch @CNN –  #UnitedShadesofAmerica and see Laurie and others – Sunday, May 19th– 10pm ET/ 7pm PT

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My Black History Month – #BlackWomenMatter – writing about Black Women Radicals Days 15 – 21

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Here’s to an amazing Black History Month! I LOVE my people; my heritage; my legacy and I take on my responsibility to honor them with great determination, pride and hope! Here’s to Day 1! #BlackWomen We are the backbone of this world  A strong handsome Black man callled me “a gem” the other day- I smiled and gladly gave my appreciation! To my sistahs of the universe MUCH LOVE

#Radical #Changemakers #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019

Barbara Ransby – writer, professor, activist, historian Black Woman Radical!  Ransby is a phenomenal professor of Gender and Women’s studies at University of Illinois! She was instrumental in the convening of Black Women professors collaborating to protect Anita Hill during the Thomas confirmation! They placed a full page ad in national news papers that was a letter of condemnation for the horrible treatment of Professor Hill during that confirmation process! In her work she has been an avid leader uplifting Black Women and embracing Queer and Non-Binary community putting forth their voices! Her writings have educated so many on powerhouses like Ella Baker and Mrs. Paul Robeson. Ransom has been instrumental in the Movement for Black Lives! Her activism has been focused on the demand that lives matter and Black Lives in particular! She is the immediate past president of the National Women’s Studies Association! She is a friend and mentor to many in this social justice Movement of the 21st Century demanding collective liberation now!

Thank you Sister Barbara Ransby – my mind is broadened and my soul fulfilled by your work! Day 15 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #barbararansby

Denise Oliver-Velez– activist, Black feminist, writer, editor, professor, Black Woman Radical! She is a professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies @suny Velez was a Community organizer working in the Young Lords and the Black Panthers Movement demanding Women be at the Center and in leadership positions in both groups! She broke away from the Young Lords and started her own group! Velez was an AIDS activists pushing this public health epidemic to the forefront of the Black Panthers political agenda! She wrote an ethnographic research in her fight to end HIV/AIDS! She was a co-founder of @wpfwdc the Pacifica Radio Station here in #DC! She is in the film She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry because of her love of her people and her unapologetic fight to put Black Women at the forefront where we belong! Thank you Denise Oliver-Velez!

Day 17 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #Artistchangetheworld #DeniseOliverVelez

Kathleen Cleaver – scholar, activist, writer, professor, Revolutionist, Black Woman Radical! Cleaver was born in TX but her father worked in the foreign services so she traveled the world at a young age! She was in #India #SierraLeone #Philippines and she learned about communism and socialism! She returned to the U.S. and attended a Quaker boarding school for H.S. She attended Barnard College but dropped out to join the Movement for freedom and liberty of Black People! She started at (SNCC) Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee – her childhood friend was murdered by White Supremacists! Cleaver was mentored by Black Women like Diane Nash about the change in the Movement and the role of Women in that work! In her activism she not only demanded but put forth Black Women as leaders and at the center of the wok! She joined the Black Panther Party, married Eldridge Cleaver & they rose to leadership and influence in the Party together! She joined her man while he was in exile out of the country returning with two children and a desire to finish her education! She attended @yale on a full scholarship graduating with honors summa cum laude then graduated from the law school! Cleaver was a member of the Revolution Party and remains grounded in the belief that it will take a major sudden impact on society to bring forth the end of racist, supremacist, xenophobic, homophobic & mysogynist practices! Cleaver is a Sr lecturer at @emoryuniversity School of law & several other law schools! She is active on campaigns like freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal! Thank You sister Kathleen Cleaver for it is your LOVE of your people and Black Women that I go into the halls of #Congress daily knowing a change is coming!

Day 18 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #KathleenCleaver

Elaine Brown – activist, writer, singer, Prison Abolitionist, professor, political operative and Black Woman Radical! She grew up in Philadelphia attended Temple University for a bit but left to go to CA to pursue her dreams of songwriting! There she met a man who would not only love her but infuse her with political knowledge which continued on her own and joined the Black Liberation Movement! Brown made Oakland her home and joined the Movement to end prisons! She is a staunch activist working on the wrap around needs of all – Housing, Transportation, Education, Healthcare and she demands Black Women be at the forefront of the work! She wrote for the Black radical newspaper called Harambee! She was the 1st Rep of the Black Student Alliance to the Black Congress of CA. She returned to school graduated from college and went to law school! Brown remains a strong, unapologetic voice in this struggle to create collective liberation in this country! Thank you sister Elaine Brown – my heart is full knowing you were there, laid a path and now I’m on it hopefully making a difference!

Day 19 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #ArtistSaveTheWorld #ElaineBrown

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor– activist, writer, scholar and Black Woman Radical! Author of a number of books From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation just one! Assistant Professor of African American studies @princeton Taylor has been at the forefront of demanding unapologetically that Black Liberation be the focus of the fight for our people! She has led several marches and protests across this country and around the world with Women organizing and setting the agenda of conversation! Her writing uniquely captures and eloquently tells our story and at the same time makes the reader confront their thoughts and beliefs on racism, sexism and classism in this country! One of my favorite books of Taylor’s is How We Get Free: Black Feminism and The Combahee River Collective! Thank you sister Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor for the work, the love and know you touched this Black Woman Radical and keep me going!

Day 20 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #ArtistSaveTheWorld #KeeangaYamahtttaTaylor

Barbara Smith– lecturer, writer, organizer, lesbian activist, Black Feminist, Black Woman Radical! Smith and her identical twin sister Beverly were raised in Ohio by their family after the death of their mother when they were nine. Barbara excelled in school and went to college! She was disgusted by the segregation and racism at her school and transferred to The New School in NYC! Smith became a writer and used her activist voice in her work. Joining Ms. Magazine she wrote about racism and sexism! She joined the National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO) and started a chapter in Boston where she met Demita Frazier! They broke away from the National NBFO to create an independent group in Boston! In this work frustrated and understanding they were far more radical than the national group in their split they wrote a manifesto tilted The Combahee River Collective Statement! This name was from a military operation during the Civil War led by #HarrietTubman. Smith continued her Black Feminist Radical fight as she moved to NY and became a politician! She has lectured all over the world on racism, sexism, violence and the intersection of all! Smith created the Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press after being frustrated by the lack of Black Women published! In 1994 she was awarded the Stonewall Award and in 2005 she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! She has embraced and empowered the LGBTQIA Movement and in 2016 created an organization to fight #Islamaphobia! Her life continues to center around the erasure of hate and violence and the creation of collective liberation! Thank you sister Barbara Smith for the unapologetic force of being you; I’m better for it and beyond grateful to call on your legacy in my work!

Day 21 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #ArtistSaveTheWorld #BarbaraSmith


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