My Black History Month -Black Women Matter – writing about Black Women Radicals Days 1 -13

Black Women Matter 
Here’s to an amazing Black History Month! I LOVE my people; my heritage; my legacy and I take on my responsibility to honor them with great determination, pride and hope! Here’s to Day 1! #BlackWomen We are the backbone of this world  A strong handsome Black man callled me “a gem” the other day- I smiled and gladly gave my appreciation! To my sistahs of the universe MUCH LOVE

#Radical #Changemakers #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019

Harriet Tubman The epitome of #BlackWoman #Radical She put her life on the line for the freedom of her people! She was an Abolitionist and instilled the need  to eradicate any systems that harm #Black people in all her daughters- like me! I come from a long line of radical Black Women and I’m better for it and take it on proudly!

#Abolitionist #Prisonabolitionist #BlackLivesMatter  Day 2 of #BlackHisyoryMonth2019

Sojourner Truth a name she gave herself after being convinced God had chosen her – there was HOPE inside of her to change the world! And that she did! She escaped from slavery and went to court to gain her enslaved son and won! The first Black Woman to do this in US history! An abolitionist, author, politician and fighter! I stand humbly on her shoulders! Thank You Sojourner!

Day 3 of  #Blackhistorymonth  #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWomen #Radical #Abolitionist #Changemaker

Althea Gibson – A tennis  icon and trailblazer, who also played golf! She was the first African American to win a tennis Grand Slam; to integrate international tennis; she won 11 Grand Slams in her amazing career! She went to #FAMU a Historical Black University! She had a challenging career but did it with grace, style and pride for her people! She was adamant about her abilities to play at the professional level and would not be moved to do less! An athlete ALL her life! In retirement she directed the women’s sports for Essex County Parks in #NJ – where I grew up! I had the honor and joy to attend some of her programs! I played tennis all through elementary and high school!

Althea Gibson was a true #Black Woman #Radical Day 4 of #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2019

Bertha Pitts Campbell- A Black Woman Radical who was one of the 22 founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority @dstinc1913 Born in Seattle; educated @howard1867 She was a Civil Rights Leader all of her long life! She was a founding member of the @ywcausa in Seattle and spent years fighting racism, discrimination and uplifting women of color specifically Black Women! She was a housing activist creating affordable housing in her home city and demanding fair housing for all! On her 92nd birthday she joined her Sorors of #DST and marched down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, #DC honoring #DST being in the 1913 Woman’s Suffrage March! She died at the age of 100!

Day 5 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker

Lois Curtis – Black Woman radical changed the lives of millions! Lois is a phenomenal Black Woman Civil Rights icon and Disability rights activist! Lois was a plaintiff in the historic Disability Supreme Court Case (Olmstead v. L.C. 1999) which the opinion said “unjustified isolation” of a person with a disability is a form of discrimination under Title II of the #ADA. Basically you can’t institutionalize a person who wants to live in the community and a state must provide Community Based Care Services for those wanting to live in the community! Lois left the institution and continues her fight for civil rights; for disability rights! She is a self-trained artist; homeowner, speaker, staunch activist and mentor to many young people with disabilities! Lois thank you for your tireless fight to “Free Our People!”

Day 6 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BkackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Artistsavetheworld

Sonia Sanchez- Poet, artist, writer, professor, activist, Black Woman Radical! She is a founder of the Black Arts Movement and a leader in the Civil Rights Movement! Sanchez has been the voice of demanding Black Women be uplifted and celebrated leaders in the freedom of our people! She defined the Black Arts Movement as a renewal of black will, insight, energy, and awareness. As a young person in Harlem, NY she had a stutter and used her poetry to be bold and strong in her presentation. Sanchez is known for her sonic boom and phenomenal voice! Thank you sister Sanchez for your dedication to we as Black People!

Day 7 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Artistsavetheworld @templeuniv

Aretha Franklin- R-E-S-P-E-C-T this Black Woman Radical right here! The songstress from the #MotorCity who filled our lives not only with song but pride and joy for being Black People! A Civil Rights leader using her voice in song and word telling all that our demand for true freedom and equality is for all Black People in this world  ! August 2018 we said farewell to our Queen! I was in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world when she died! Blessed to have been in her presence (she came to #Newark often to visit friends), to hear her songs and to benefit from her Radical fight for us! Thank you Aretha there will never be another like you! Soror – member of @dstinc1913

Day 8 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Artistsavetheworld

Cicely Tyson- actress,  activist, Black Woman Radical! Her beauty and style catapulted her into the #fashion world, from there she went into #acting! She is 94 yrs old and currently she elegantly graces the cover of @time magazine! Why? Because she is an ICON and strong Black Woman who changed acting both the stage and film for her people! Tyson is the recipient of multiple accolades and awards  including a #Tony and an honorary #Oscar! She was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and the American Theater Hall of Fame! In her struggles to be an actor she demanded roles that were respectful and representative of her people! She created a Movement in the acting world that took on the civil rights demand for equality on the stage and in film! She extends herself to young #artist and has forever been a force demanding equity for Black People! Tyson said “She will never retire!” That’s what happens when you do what you love  Thank you Soror #DST – Cicely Tyson for your courage to break barriers and create change!

Day 9 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Artistsavetheworld @dstinc1913

Nikki Giovanni- poet, writer, professor, artist, activist and Black Woman Radical! She has won multiple awards like the Langston Hughes Medal of Honor! Giovanni was one of the leaders in the Black Artist Movement, Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement! Her early poetry provided a Black Militant perspective and gave her the title of “Poet of the Black Revolution” She created a children’s book series and started her own publishing company called NikTom Ltd. an outlet for Black Women writers! Always lifting up her people and creating space for us to thrive! I’ve had the honor to meet her more than once as she is my Soror #DST @dstinc1913! Always gracious, interested in what I’m doing with my life  and passionately supportive! Thank you sister Nikki for the foundation for the Revolution!

Day 10 of #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #ChangeMaker #TheRevolution #Artistsavetheworld

Mary Church Terrell – educator, activist, journalist, Black suffragist,  Black Woman Radical! Terrell was a powerhouse in all she did but is best known for telling the world that Black Women’s lives matter! In education she broke barriers by becoming one of the first Black Women to get a college degree and a masters degree in education in the US! She traveled the world and spoke three other languages French, Italian and German! She founded and led the National Association of Colored Women (1896)! But Terrell will forever be in my heart for her courageous and unapologetic calling out of White Women suffragists for their racist and discriminatory movement! She broke away from the National Association Women Suffragist Association (NAWSA) for they would not allow a Black chapter within their organization! Terrell led Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in the 1913 Women’s Suffrage March, where they made us be at the back of the line the only Black organization! She also called out NASWA when they won the right to #vote in 1913 and turned their back on all other Women! She focused on strengthening Black activists, workers and student activists to create equity for her people! She died at age 90 after a long life of activism, educating and writing about Black People and our fight for freedom and liberty! Thank you Soror #DST @dstinc1913 Mary Church Terrell for standing strong and creating a new world!

Day 11 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Educator #Changemaker

Ella Baker – a Civil and Human Rights activist, organizer, teacher, mentor, Black Woman Radical! Baker was the driving force behind many of the Civil Rights Movement actions and the development and coalition building for the NAACP! Educated, sophisticated and a whip with her tongue; she used language and was a master speaker and debater! Her wisdom broke down barriers in ways her counterparts mostly men never could! Never forget that there are ALWAYS phenomenal Black Women behind successful Movements regardless if you see or hear from them – WE – are a present and driving force! Baker was one of these Black Women. She worked with A. Phillip Randolph, W.E. De Bois, Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr. often strategizing the next action or gathering for the advancement of her people! She was Inclusive in her work created space and staunchly fought for the Rights of all oppressed people! She connected and worked with Native Americans, immigrants, Latino and other communities, the epitome of human rights activism! She made #Harlem #NYC her home at the height of the Black Renaissance and Power Movement! Baker was well respected and revered for her tenacity, her ability to connect people, her love of her people and demanding their freedom and liberty! Thanks sister Ella Baker – I stand on your shoulders and hold you in my heart  every time I go to a podium or have a serious conversation about laws with Congress members!

Day 12 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter

Nina Simone – singer, pianist, writer, artists, activist and Black Woman Radical! In one of her first professional singing engagements her parents were in the audience in the front row proudly watching their child sing, when ushers came in the middle of her song and removed them from their seats so that a White couple could have those seats! Simone is best known for her soulful and prominent sound in song but she was also a Black Power activist, taking on the liberation of Black People through music with political and moral messages! In 1964 she released “Mississippi Goddamn” in response to the killing of the great civil rights leader Medgar Evers and the horrific killing of four little girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church! It was banned in the south and thousands of the albums were destroyed and sent to her in the mail! She always showed up for the Movement to create a better world for Black People! At the end of her career she took on uplifting the beauty of Black Women to be defined by us and not commercial and White America! Her song “Four Women” discusses the dilemma of defining beauty for Black Women which has been done through a commercial definition and she emphasized our attributes of beauty are the definition of our beauty! Simone wrote and sung “I’ll Put A Spell On You” for Black Women to define our beauty and be proud in that no matter what society says! Thank you sister Nina Simone for all you did for our People and the world! My self worth and knowledge in my beauty are grounded in listening to your words!

Day 13 of #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistorymonth2019 #BlackWoman #Radical #Changemaker #Activist #BlackWomenMatter #Artistchangetheworld




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How you can join in and Oppose First Step Act! JLUSA, NCC and CCF opposition letter and other things to do! Tell All!

Hi All,

A few of you have asked what can you do if you oppose this bill?
Here are some ideas – and please feel free to share with others! 
“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair” – Shirley Chisholm
As per Sen. Grassley’s (R-IA) list of supporters -this is a list of Senators both Republican and Democrat who have publicly said they will vote yes for this bill there are 36:  18 Republicans; 17 Democrats; 1 Independent
That leaves 64 Senators who are either undecided or not willing to publicly tell the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Whips those who count votes, the media or YOU their constituents that they are voting YES for this bill if so their names would be on this list.
Every Senator in the Senate should hear from YOU! Even the ones who are on this list as voting Yes because they have not cast that vote yet!
It is you right to voice your opinion to your Senators at anytime.
***Remember – this is NOT the last time to do Criminal Justice Reform!
That is what Congress is here to do – legislate and the new Congress with all of that amazing potential that everyone is so excited about is set to take this on – WHY?  Because we will demand that they do so!
See the list of  supporters for this bill: 
Here is an opportunity for Organizations to sign onto a letter of opposition – the due date is early Monday.
Please feel free to send this to any state, local or national organization you know would like to sign on.
There is a link to the letter below.
To sign on as an Organization please go to the link to for organizational signatory.
From the letter: 
The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC), JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA), College & Community Fellowship (CCF)
As formerly incarcerated persons, civil rights, immigrant and human rights advocates, and communities of faith intricately and intimately connected to the community that is both inside and outside of the prison system, we urge you to step back and consider a true reformation bill.
Following up on our recent discussions about First Step and the inclusion of even more carve outs in the bill I wanted to share the opposition letter we are circulating. Please feel free to share and if any orgs are interested in signing the letter please have them email me. Here is the link to the organizational signatory form which also includes a link to our letter. 
#Powertothepeople #AllPowertothepeople – here is what you can do as an individual!
You have a voice as well! You can contact both of your Senators (Sorry my fellow DC residents but one day WE WILL BE A STATE! If you are a transplant to DC like me contact your home-state Senators)
You can find your Senators contact information here:
            *There will be a link to there websites that will give you their contact information – DC and home offices; as well as their phone numbers and social media handles!
In this day and age contacting your Senators is done in multiple ways please do them all:
        *Call their offices – DC and State offices
        *Use social media Tweet, IG,  all others
         *If you live near your Senators home office (address is on your Senators website) stop by and tell that staff – the offices are probably closed on the weekend but they will be there Monday morning – and if possible take the neighborhood with you!
          *If your Senator is having an event in your area this weekend -stop by at that Holiday Toy and Community outreach they are doing this weekend and talk with them and their staff
Media: Please reach out to your media outlets
If you live in an area that still has a local newspaper or even if you live in a city like that has a large paper – call the editors desk and tell them of your opposition. These papers are also on social media so send them a message there.
Radio stations and programs – reach out to your favorite radio station, news show and news personalities – CNN,MSNBC and all the others -and tell them of your opposition so they can talk it about it on their shows!
  *Tweet, IG all other social media outreach
They thought they had victory in July of 2017!
If you think that this is over and not worth trying to stop please remember what happen on July 28, 2017!
The late Sen. John McCain voted NO on the Health Care Bill set to dismantle the ACA!
Watch: The Moment John McCain voted no on the Health Care Bill – from Los Angeles Times

Sen. John McCain’s thumbs-down recalled as a ‘watershed moment’ in U.S. health care

This is what democracy looks like!
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