One of my Poems “My Dream”

On Christmas day I went to see the movie Selma. It was AMAZING! I was so impressed and in awe of the work. I want to take every person who has ever told me that they don’t vote to see it and at the same time I want to kick them in their A…..

A few years ago I took a creative writing class! It was THE BEST thing I have done in a long time. My writing group was fabulous. The instructor made us write some poetry. I LOVE to read poetry but never thought I would write it.

Here is one of my first poems. It is based on the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I read my poems at one of our read nights for the writing group. It was well received by the crowd. I was very nervous!

“My Dream”
(In response to “something about the future”)
(Dedicated to my Denver, NC B&N writing group)

In memory of King, I have a dream
A view of how see the future.
Let me begin by noting one thing.
It’s sad to say that even today
King’s dream seems ions away.
But even with those odds, I hope and pray
That the force of love will create a new day.

I dream of the day:
When leaders think of their people, before themselves
Culture is inclusive and charity second nature
College means a true way to a possibility
Because there is no fee.
And the world will not be ruled by technology.
When every cell phone, blackberry or the like,
Shuts down at 7pm precise.

In the future wealth equals kindness;
Sanity is “in the eyes of the beholder”
Brother/sisterhood is acceptance
And hate will be “the road less traveled.”

Healthcare will be a birthright, lasting until death.
Teachers are paid on the best of salary grades
And there’s no need to fight for children’s rights.
We give R-E-S-P-E-C-T even when
They haven’t entered matrimony.
And anyone may rent the hall
because marriage is a choice for all:
Entered into freely,
Making divorce court less likely.

I hope that travel is not hazardous and
becomes a must,
because globally we have trust.
Soldiers rebuild walls of four
Because war will be no more.

As I wrap up my dream,
I am compelled to do this one thing.
I call on the spirit of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,
“My brother, my friend we need you once again.”


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About wiyatt

Hi I am Dara born in Spain, raised in Newark, NJ and now enjoying living a dream in Washington, DC. I am zealous about Social Equity and Justice. I am an Advocate for Disability Rights. I am a Sister & Friend to many! Years of studying, living and changing policy brought me to this place. Thank you for reading my blog! Follow me on Twitter: @NJDC07 and Insta Gram NJDC07 The quote above is from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in a speech he gave here in Washington, DC in 1955. It is now carved into one of the many stones at his memorial on the National Mall.
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