Re-launch – Monday, July 17, 2017

Today I re-launch this blog with the promise to me and my love that this will be the start of a new adventure in our lives! I appreciate all of you who have read this blog, sent out information to others about the information and who continue to encourage me to write! THANK YOU!

I ask that you spread the word about the blog and get ready for a new adventure with me! Your support and encouragement will be needed and always greatly appreciated!

I start this re-launch with the start of the 2nd half of 2017, a year of extraordinary times! Also with the 27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA)! It is an honor and blessing to work as a disability rights activists and political operative. This is a new title for me. A dear friend (a brother) claimed it for me and I am still getting use to the sound of that “political operative”.

Please join me in this new adventure in my life! I am excited and amazed at what I am embarking on for my life! I want you to join me on the ride!

First step – re-launch of this blog! Stay tuned for the next steps!

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment and tell all about The WIYATT!


About wiyatt

Hi I am Dara born in Spain, raised in Newark, NJ and now enjoying living a dream in Washington, DC. I am zealous about Social Equity and Justice. I am an Advocate for Disability Rights. I am a Sister & Friend to many! Years of studying, living and changing policy brought me to this place. Thank you for reading my blog! Follow me on Twitter: @NJDC07 and Insta Gram NJDC07 The quote above is from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in a speech he gave here in Washington, DC in 1955. It is now carved into one of the many stones at his memorial on the National Mall.
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