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Hi I am Dara born in Spain, raised in Newark, NJ and now enjoying living a dream in Washington, DC. I am zealous about Social Equity and Justice. I am an Advocate for Disability Rights. I am a Sister & Friend to many! Years of studying, living and changing policy brought me to this place. Thank you for reading my blog! Follow me on Twitter: @NJDC07 The quote above is from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in a speech he gave here in Washington, DC in 1955. It is now carved into one of the many stones at his memorial on the National Mall.

“NJDC07 – My 10th Anniversary of moving to DC”

Wow! On November 2, 2007 I finished packing up my car (a VW Jetta), had breakfast with my mom and got on the road to Washington, DC. After living with my mom in Denver, NC for a little over a … Continue reading

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Symbols of the reason for the Civil War: Slavery – Where are they in our US Capitol and across this country?

The past few weeks after the horrific racist and terrorist attacks in Charlottesville, have been a time for political pundits to discuss symbols of the Confederate. As I yell at my TV and some periodicals there are few voices talking … Continue reading

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